Hampden Park  is one of the most popular exhibition centres in Glasgow and has a total of over 1800 sqm. of superbly integrated conference and exhibition space over one floor perfectly tailored to suit larger scale festivals and smaller expos. The venue is highly popular with exhibition organisers who can access our exhibition space from ground level, as the venue is one of only a handful of stadia across the UK with a dedicated underground loading/unloading roadway, making for seamless loading and unloading for both build and breakdown.

The 2 larger exhibition suites can accommodate up to 50 stands each and are serviced by their own service lift meaning access to each speedy and direct.  These spaces are linked by the Millennium Suite,  its stunning pitch views making it ideal as a walkway or pop up café area between the venue’s two larger exhibition suites or indeed as an exhibition space in its own right.

The venue also has over 1000 complimentary car parking spaces

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